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QUANTACHROME is specialized in characterization of powders, dispersions and porous solids.

The easiest way to contact us is an e-mail to info@quantachrome.de or call +49 (0)8134-93240 please.


news from 01-02-2017

New Application note 103:"Breakthrough Curves of Polar and Nonpolar Vapors on Activated Carbon"

send short email to ton.goverde@quantachrome.nl to get the full paper or some more info about the newest development of the dynaSorb BT, the dynamic sorption analyzer for gas mixture adsorption, kinetic studies and much more!

news from 18-01-2017

Webinar on capillary porometry for charcterization of filter and membrane pores:

Please klick here for your participation of the following webinar: porometry




news from 09-12-2016

Dear customers, partners and readers,

coming from an enormous successful year 2016, QUANTACHROME starts into 2017 with new ideas and projects. As projected a year ago, we have presented many instrument and application news. The ChemStar for characterisation of catalysts, the dynaSorb for application-oriented study of technical adsorbents and iSORB and VSTAR for high-pressure and vapor sorption are some highlights for surface and pore characterisation. However also in the characterisation of dispersions we have been very successful in 2016: CILAS laser granulometers for particle sizing have been actively inquired and the analysers of the TURBISCAN-, RHEOLASER- and DT-instrument groups have found more and more satisfied customers for the studies of emulsions and concentrated slurries. Simply contact info@quantachrome.de for further information, check our homepage or the homepages of our partner companies or download our lab catalogue for contract analyses under dates and downlowds – we solve your applications in highest result and interpretation quality in our Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis (LabSPA)!  

A good start into 2017, happy new year, health and success! We thank you for your collaboration and interest, and are looking forward to many new and interesting discussions,


news from 14-11-2016

free and legal online: http://rdcu.be/kL4x   contact author: andreas.moeller@quantachrome.de

news from 14-08-2016

Rheology with the new FLUIDICAM Rheo

FORMULACTION is proud to introduce a brand new instrument, combining microfluidic and optics, dedicated to rheology measurements. The FLUIDICAM RHEO automatically plots flow curves as a function of temperature and shear rates with high precision and repeatability.
Amongst the main advantages of this technique:
- Very low sample volume required ;
- Extremely accurate even at low viscosity ;
- Very wide shear rate range...
For more info send short email-request info@quantachrome.de 

news from 23-05-2016

Stability of emulsions: the new TURBISCAN TOWER 

Test the fully automatic stability analysis of emulsions without impact on the original sample: The TURBISCAN TOWER also allows analysis of emulsions, for which it was impossible so far:
- measuring principle without centrifugation or other sample varying forces
- recording and quantification of sedimentation, creaming or coalescence in the emulsion
- opaque emulsions are characterized excellently by survey of backscattered light
- automatic calculation of TURBISCAN Stability Index
- automatic ranking of similar samples
- six standalone measuring units et al.
By clicking on TURBISCAN TOWER you can download the brochure, upon request you can test it free of charge and get to know it!

news from 27-01-2016

LabSPA (Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis) offers new opportunities for method developmentsand contract analyses

In case you have unsolved application problems in the field of Characterization of dispersions, powders and porous solids QUANTACHROME offers new “package solutions” for testing your samples by use of complementary analytical methods. Contact info@quantachrome.de with short description of your application problem and the LabSPA does not only answer with a proposal what we recommend, but also WHY...

Examples for new opportunities in the LabSPA are

- check if your product is nano or not nano according the EU-definition

- characterisation of technical adorbents by breakthrough curves of gas or vapor mixtures

- measurements of the stability of orginal emulsions 

- µ-rheology by use of the RHEOLASER in bulk to characterise the end-use properties & gel point of any soft materials

Don't hesitate to contact info@quantachrome.de to come in contact with our experts in the different fields of the comprehensive characterisation of dispersions, poweders and porous solids.


news from 01-10-2015

dynaSorb BT – the praxis test for gas adsorption studies in the lab

The BET surface area is an important parameter for the characterisation of adsorbents, however what does that mean for the real adsorption of various gases?

The knowledge of the pore size distribution of porous materials is important for comparison and new developments – but as examples, is it possible to predict the adsorption of methane from biogas or of carbon dioxide from air from that knowledge?

How is the sorption kinetics of microporous adsorbents? How much of one component can be adsorbed by an adsorbent bed, before a “breakthrough” of this component reach the outlet of the adsorber column? How can the heat balance of the adsorption process of your samples be determined in practice?

Such questions are to answer by practical relevant measurements only, and this is the field for the new developed dynaSorb BT from Quantachrome! The dynaSorb BT offers new ways to study the dynamic sorption of gas flows and gas mixtures in bench-scale. Few of these you can find on this homepage under Analytical instruments/dynaSorb BT, but don’t hesitate to contact us for a complete list of specifications and a professional discussion of your adsorption requests.




news from 30-06-2015

news from 01-03-2015

Quantachrome VSTAR: Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

The VSTAR vapor sorption analyzer goes beyond water sorption to provide vapor sorption analysis using a wide variety of organic vapors at a wide range of temperatures and one to four analysis ports. Meticulous control of the manifold temperature from the vapor source to the sample eliminates the possibility of local condensation of the adsorptive and ensures the most accurate analysis possible.

The VSTAR measures complete adsorption-desorption isotherms, that is the quantitative uptake of vapor as a function of relative pressure / relative humidity at a user selectable, thermostaticallycontrolled temperature. Such measurements are of critical importance to material scientists developing adsorption based technologies. For more information you can contact info@quantachrome.de or you can check www.quantachrome.com!


news from 03-02-2015

Quantachrome with NOVATouch into 2015!

With a new NOVATouch-Series we start into the new year. The NOVATouch-series offers highest comfort for BET-measurements and pore size analysis with gas adsorption method!

With the QUANTACHROME NOVATouch and NOVAe-Series there is not doubt that you can solve your application with highest flexibility:

- do you prefer easy use of touchscreen to start your BET-measurement?    NOVATouch!

- do you like the NOVAe-handling for you’re your measurements?   NOVAe!

- do you prefer additional sample ports for higher sample throughput, separate po-measurement, higher speed or larger dewar for multi-isotherm measurements?   NOVATouch!

Please send your request for additional info on NOVATouch to ton.goverde@quantachrome.nl; and don’t hesitate to contact us for a NOVATouch-demonstration in your lab!

news from 02-09-2014

Specific surface and pores: iSORB-HP, AUTOSORB-6iSA and QUADRASORB evo

New developments and improvements make the series complete: with high pressure adsorption instruments (iSORB-HP), one-, two-, three- four- and six-port (AUTOSORB-6iSA) gas adsorption analyzers and improvements in software and speed (QUADRASORB evo).
QUANTACHROME completes and improves the series of instruments for the characterization of surfaces and pores. Please download the overview here and let us know how we can help you with our experiences, with test measurements, with contract analyses (if your sample number is low per year or sometimes too high for your instrument), or with complete method developments (if you have to test the right method for your application problem).
Our Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analyses and our specialists in Benelux ton.goverde@quantachrome.nl and other countries (ask info@quantachrome.de) are at your disposal, don’t hesitate to contact us!

news from 01-07-2014

Quantachrome's dispersion group organises a second dispersion workshop in Belgium

A second free of charge workshop with the same program as in Wageningen/NL (see news from April 12) has been organized for the 22nd May 2014 in Hotel Nivelles-Sud, Nivelles-Sud/Belgium.
Our group QUANTACHROME Dispersions - YOUR PARTNER FOR CHARACTERIZATION AND OPTIMIZATION will be present for discussions and practical measurements with various methods and analytical instruments for the characterisation of dispersions.
Please download the program with the form for the registration here or send an email to ton.goverde@quantachrome.nl, welcome in Nivelles-Sud!

news from 12-04-2014

Workshop „Dispersion formulation and Characterization" on 20th of May 2014 in Hotel Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen, NL

Registration for this free of charge workshop: Ton.Goverde@quantachrome.nl or info@quantachrome.de, the flyer and the form for the registration you can download here or send an email to ton.goverde@quantachrome.nl, welcome in Wageningen!
PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION FORUM with discussion of dispersed phases and thermodynamic, electrokinetic and mechanical properties of emulsions and suspensions in the morning.
THE PRACTICAL PART later includes measurements with static light scattering (laser diffraction), dynamic light scattering, acoustic and electro-acoustic spectroscopy for particle size and zeta potential, light transmission und -backscattering for stability analysis of original dispersions and MS-Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy to study micro-rheology and drying behaviour.

news from 13-01-2014

QUANTACHROME starts into the new year with analyzer QUADRASORB evo:
New analyzer QUADRASORB evo offers new possibilities for BET measurements concerning speed and sample throughput. Combination of the new QuickMode with flexible analysis ports (separate dewars!) provides unexpected flexibility and enormous sample throughput. A new feauture consists of a dedicated transducer for measurement of Po (adsorbate saturated vapor pressure), so that continually measuring Po does not slow down analysis capabilities.
QUADRASORB evo is available with 2, 3 or 4 analysis ports. Thereby it offers an optimal price-performance ratio and can be upgraded to maximum 4 analysis ports at any time if needed later on.